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Hearing Aid Information and Introducing Zinc Air:

The hearing aid batteries come in packs of 6 or boxes of 10 which are 1.4V come supplied in an easy to dispense card.

Zinc Air batteries use the air outside the battery as a source of power. The batteries come with a peel-off tab which seals the air holes until the battery is needed. Once the tab is removed, air enters the battery and activates the ingredients inside the battery. After waiting one minute, the battery can be inserted into the hearing aid. Battery life depends upon the type of hearing aid and how long it is worn for.

Battery sizes are standardised across the industry, although manufacturers may use different part numbers. Many batteries now use the industry-standard colour code which can usually found on the battery tabs and packaging. Please refer to the documentation that came with your hearing aid to determine which battery size is right for your hearing aid or ask your audiologist.

Quick Reference Guide:
Colour Code/Index: Battery Size: Available Brands:
Yellow 10 Rayovac GP Batteries Duracell
Orange 13 Rayovac GP Batteries Duracell
Brown 312 Rayovac N/A Duracell
Blue 675 Rayovac GP Batteries N/A

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  Product Name:Product Code:Manufacturer: Price: Stock: Action:
Rayovac Acoustic Special 60 x Size 10 Hearing Aid Batteries

Zinc Air, 10, 1.4V
Z/A10A-10 Rayovac VARTA 21.12 inc VAT

17.60 ex VAT
16 in Stock
Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery Holder (Key Ring)

Hearing Aid Battery Holder (Key Ring)
HEARCADDY-1 Rayovac VARTA 2.40 inc VAT

2.00 ex VAT
16 in Stock

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